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Last night a salesperson came to our door selling household cleaning products. I did a double-take when I saw the name of the products: Advanage.


Huh? Why isn’t it called “Advantage”?

Top ten words you need to stop misspelling

Everyone, please memorize this list immediately. It will save you much embarrassment, especially when you write your next company-wide e-mail. Thank you to The Oatmeal.

iFAT goes to Ireland (or, How I earned a free Irish dinner)

My husband’s company recently named a new CEO. Just hours after he uploaded the video of the CEO speaking, my husband IM’d me and asked me to check it out because the CEO looks just like one of our friends. So I watched the first few minutes of the video, and I thought, oh yeah, that does look like our friend. The video was only about four minutes long so I decided to watch the entire video.

Old Fashion

While my husband and I were on vacation in Canada, we went to the grocery store to stock up on snacks and drinks. We bought a pack of “Old Fashion Plastic Glasses.”

Old Fashion Plastic Glasses

What constitutes “Old Fashion” plastic glasses anyway?

It looks like there was plenty of room to correctly spell the phrase as “Old Fashioned.”

As seen on TV

A friend was watching TV and called me over when she saw this. Reporting live from Austni, Texas!


Austni, Texas

(Photo credit: ND)

Check, double check, and triple check

Chuckled to myself when I saw this story today about the typo on a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

At least Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a good sport about it!

How many boyfriends?

When we lived in Southern California, our Saturday morning ritual was to go get Chinese breakfast and listen to Car Talk on NPR while drinking soy milk and eating rice rolls and egg pancakes. After we moved to Austin, my husband longed for the Chinese breakfast of yesteryear and wondered if such a place could be found in our new town. After some serious Googling, he found Pao’s Mandarin House, a Chinese restaurant located in a strip shopping center in Lakeway. It takes us about 30 minutes to drive there, but every once in a while, we’ll make the trip just for Chinese breakfast.

Last week I noticed this sign for a clothing boutique in the same shopping center.

boyfriends back boutique

(Photo credit: DC)

The sign on the door says “my boyfriend’s back” but the sign on the building says “boyfriends back”. Couldn’t afford an apostrophe for the sign, or was it too hard to typeset an apostrophe along with the other letters? At any rate, apparently the sign wasn’t enough to draw enough customers to the store because the clothing boutique is permanently closed.

Typo tee-shirt

The first few posts of this blog are going to be entries that I’ve been collecting. I’ve been saving these for a while and finally have a forum for sharing them.

My husband and I went on vacation to Banff last September. Banff is a quintessential resort town about an hour and a half away from Calgary, Canada. We first went to Banff for our honeymoon seven years ago and always wanted to go back. Right in the heart of downtown Banff is Banff Avenue, with shops and restaurants lining both sides of the street. It was in one of those classic souvenir shops that I spotted this:

Banff Natioal Park

I couldn’t resist–I had to take a picture of it! My husband asked me if I wanted to buy it; I was afraid I would look like a FOB wearing it so I declined. Plus I am not in the habit of buying tee-shirts on our travels. At most we buy magnets to remember all the places we’ve been. You should see our refrigerator.

On the last day of our trip, we went back to this souvenir shop on Banff Avenue so that I could reconsider buying the tee-shirt. It was my last chance. When I walked up to the rack, I saw that the tee-shirts were gone! The whole stack of them were gone. I went up to the counter and asked the woman (an Asian woman) where those tee-shirts were, the brown ones I saw the other day with the bear paw on them.

Her English wasn’t that good, but she was saying something like, they’re in the back. Our conversation continued:

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